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Skicinuwatuwahtiq was a collaborative effort among several Wolastoq and Passamaquoddy musicians to honour traditional music. It applies a modern flair to a combination of chanting, drumming, and singing. The goal of this work is to promote the use of the Wolastoq/Maliseet language through song. The one English song (Keeper of the Drum) was written to honour Elder Maggie Paul, who helped to guide the group through this process. We hope this album will be used as a resource to help teach future generations about Wolastoq language and music.

Producer & Recording Engineer: Jonathan Dutcher

Vocals/Drummers: Maggie Paul, Roseanne Clark, Lisa Perley-Dutcher, Shane Perley-Dutcher, Jeremy Dutcher, Kalynn Perley, Buck Bear, & Sadie Perley-Dutcher

Wolastoq Language Specialist: Roseanne Clark

Elder: Maggie Paul

Album Artwork: Shane Perley-Dutcher

Kci Woliwon: ArtsNB, Gwen Bear, Negootgook Drummers, Sweet Water Women, Stephen Dutcher, laura j.turnbull, Mahsos Elementary, Memorial Hall (UNB), & Canadian Museum of History (Mechling Wax Cylinder Field Recordings of Maliseet Ancestors).

Album contains the following songs:


(Speak the Native Language)

1) Skicinuwatuwahtiq (Language Song)

lyrics by Roseanne Clark & Lisa Perley-Dutcher & melody from Sweet Water Women’s “Heart Song”

2) Qanute (Welcome Song) medley – traditional &

Sweet Water Women’s “Kwan-Do Daey”

3) Kcitomitahasuwey Wasis ‘Tolintuwakon         (Children’s Honour Song)

Written by Junior Peter Paul & translated with  permission into Maliseet by Charlie Nicholas

4) Esuwonikewey (Trading Song) traditional

5) Wolastoq Lintuwakon (Maliseet Song) written by Gwen Bear

6) Keeper of the Drum written by Lisa Perley-Dutcher

7) Anelsultipon  (Humble Song) traditional

8) Mali Lula (Mary Lawrence) traditional


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