This is an interactive map that allows users to travel across the landscape of Ckuwaponahkik, “the land of the dawn,” and explore it from a Wabanaki perspective, through the traditional place names. The Wabanaki and their ancestors have been living in this place– the place where you are standing – Ckuwaponahkik, “the land of the dawn,” for thousands of generations. They know the land around them as part of a universe of living beings, where humans are just one type of being. The land is their relation, and they know her deeply.
One path to better understanding the Wabanaki relationship to their homeland is through the words they use to describe the landscape:

“In Wabanaki traditions, places are most often named either for their geological features or for important resources that could be found there. Other names are rooted deeply within traditional stories”.

–George Neptune, Passamaquoddy, Abbe Museum Educator


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