The talking dictionary project is developing an Internet resource for the Mi’gmaq/Mi’kmaq language. Each headword is recorded by a minimum of three speakers. Multiple speakers allow one to hear differences and variations in how a word is pronounced. Each recorded word is used in an accompanying phrase. This permits learners the opportunity to develop the difficult skill of distinguishing individual words when they are spoken in a phrase.
Thus far we have posted over 3900 headwords, a majority of these entries include two to three additional forms. There are also a variety of songs and stories to explore.

The project was initiated in Listuguj, therefore all entries have Listuguj speakers and Listuguj spellings. In collaboration with Unama’ki, the site now includes a number of recordings from Unama’ki speakers. More will be added as they are recorded. Eventually this site will include the Smith-Francis spellings used there.


Eunice Metallic, Diane Mitchell, Watson Williams and Joe Wilmot


  • Sean Haberlin and Dave Ziegler