This initiative in Treaty Education was spearheaded by the Three Nations Education Group Inc. to address TRC recommendations and the New Brunswick Department of Education and Early Childhood Development’s commitment to have Treaty Education taught throughout the curriculum.

This teaching resource has been created so young people throughout New Brunswick can better understand the treaties that were negotiated between the Britsh Crown and the Indigenous people of New Brunswick  – Waponahkey (Wabanaki) Nations, including WolastoqewiyikMi’kmaqPassamaquoddy (Peskotomuhkati), Penobscot, and Abenaki. These are called Peace and Friendship Treaties and they were signed in the 18th century. Their purpose was to achieve peace between both sides. Unlike other treaties signed in Canada, there was no mention, much less surrender of land at all in any of the treaties. These treaties have stood for a much longer time period than other treaties in Canada.

If you engage in Treaty Education, it is important to have information relating to the Treaties signed in your territory. These resources are a start to promoting knowledge of the Peace and Friendship Treaties that were signed in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.


Three Nations Education Group Inc.


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