Say It First – Indigenous Language Revitalization

(From the website):

SayITFirst has incorporated the innovative work Veronica Atwin pioneered as a Maliseet linguist in New Brunswick from the 1950s through the late 80’s until her passing. Two major innovations have come of this work.

The first innovation is the introduction of phonetics alongside the Native Language so a parent or teacher has the ability to read the language sounds to the children. Many parents have commented that they have forgotten how much they knew of the First language sounds growing up. Upon reading the books to their children, they have gained confidence relearning the sounds and some vocabulary of their ancestors. Children are learning the sounds then graduating to reading the words in the Native Language.

All books are available in Maliseet, Mi’Kmaw, Ojibwe and Cree. As well, all books are written in English, the Native Language and a simplified phonetic system to allow the reader the ability to pronounce the words closely to how they should actually sound. All books have been previewed and translated by various Elders within the Maliseet, Mi’Kmaw, Ojibwe and Cree communities.