The 13 Moon Healing Drums were conceptualized as a source of healing for mind, body, heart and spirit to be used during the 13 Moon Teaching sessions of Elder Opolahsomuwehs (Imelda Perley). The drums depict the sacred relationships with ourselves, others and that which surrounds us, which correlate with each moon teaching. These drums will continue to bring healing for all who seek, ask, hear and believe.

Bringing the vision of Elder Opolahsomuwehs to life through these drums, was a collaborative effort that included Samaqani Cocahq (Natalie Sappier), visual artist; Tom Barton and Letha Barton, drum makers; and Ramona Nicholas, who performed the drum awakening.

Kci Kisuhs (December)

Kci Kisuhs naka malsomok ktokehkimkun eli ‘pisunuwik onheltomuwakon ‘ciw psiw ktulnapemonuk. Mesq pilikotok, kwikutomonen onheltomuwakon weci nokotomeq ktaskomitahasuwakonon.

Great Winter Moon teaches us to ask for the medicine of forgiveness, through wolf ceremony, from all of creation.  Before our new year arrives, we ask forgiveness from our relations to leave behind all our resentments.

Opolahsomuwehs (January)

Opolahsomuwehs ktokehkimkun eli ‘pisunuwik sankewitahasuwakonol naka sankewi pomawsuwakonol. Muwin tan ci punqahsit ktokehkimkun eli kcitpahk puwihtuwakonol. Kci Kikuwosson atolahsimu puniw qeni ‘pisuni atkuhkahtimok.

Moon of the Whirling Wind teaches us the medicine of peaceful thinking and peaceful relationships among all our relations. Spirit Bear models this medicine during hibernation to revive the gift of introspection and the power of dreams. Our Earth Mother rests during our winter moon for renewal as traditional healing stories circulate among our sacred home fires.

Piyatokonisuwi Kisuhs (February)

Piyatokonisuwi Kisuhs ktokehkimkun eli ‘pisunuwik oltahkewakon mihqitahameq nikanapasihtit naka weckuwapahsihtit. Kmawintuhtipon.

Moon of the Spruce Tips Falling teaches us the medicine of conducting mid-winter ceremonies to remember those who went before us and those yet to be born. Healing songs are shared with all of creation.

Toqasqoni Kisuhs (March)

Toqasqoni Kisuhs ktokehkimkun eli ‘pisunuwik siqonawsultimok. Psiw ote keq apatawsuwi ‘ciw ktulsonuwakonon naka ksapawsuwakonon.

First Moon of Spring teaches us the medicine of survival from a harsh winter.  Spring Equinox gifts renewal of mind, body, heart and spirit needed for our personal strength and endurance.

Ponatomuwi Kisuhs (April)

Ponatomuwi Kisuhs ktokehkimkun eli ‘pisunuwit Kci Kikuwosson. Ktokehkimkun weci nomihtuweq woli pomawsuwakon apatawsuwik ‘ciw ‘kikehtasuwakonon.

Egg Laying Moon teaches us the medicine of our Earth Mother and all her children of creation. We celebrate revitalization and birth of a new creation to guide our healing journeys.

Siqonomeqi Kisuhs (May)

Siqonomeqi Kisuhs ktokehkimkun eli ‘pisunuwik wetawsultiyeq.  Kcicihtuwinuhticik ktokehkimkun weci namkomihptuweq ktolatuwewakonon ‘ciw weckuwapasihtit. ‘Pisunuwiwol ktolatuwewakonon naka psiw nekotomuwinaq kehkituwakonol kcicihtuwinuhticik weci woli kisawsultiyeq.

Gaspereaux Moon teaches us the medicine of interdependence for all survival. Our Knowledge Keepers teach us to carry our gift of language for seven generations.  Our languages and traditional knowledge left behind by our ancestors hold the medicine we need to survive as a strong proud nation.  A special mention to my teacher Sacred Pipe Carriers who were born on the same day on May 23rd. Beloved and missed, “Elder ‘Samaqan and Elder Saqatay”.

Niponi Kisuhs (June)

Niponi Kisuhs ktokehkimkun eli ‘pisunuwik wolimahaskiyil naka kehsok niponi ‘pisunol.  ‘Pisunol ktokehkimkun weci mihqitahameq oluwikoneyak weckuwapasihtit.  Kisuhs koti wesuwehse, wolasuweltomuhtine. Tan ci maqiyahtiyeq skicinuwi oltahkewotimok, komac kcitpot naka kposonelan  kmuhshunon wolitahasuwakonol.

Summer Moon teaches us the medicine of ceremonial sweetgrass and many more summer medicines. Summer Solstice is a time for gratitude.  It is the season of ceremonial gatherings, traditional dancing, fasting, tasting summer treats and celebrating our shared existence to fill our hearts with joy and love.

Apsqe Kisuhs (July)

Apsqe Kisuhs ktokehkimkun eli pisunuwik Kisuhsuwikamok. Kcipot monussehkasuwotimok weci ‘kcocahqomon nekayiw sakolikapuwit. Cihpolakonok kwicuhkemkun tan ci wihkutomuweq kikehtuwakonol, Wiphunuwa kikehtakun.

Feather Shedding Moon teaches us the medicine of our Sundance Ceremonies. The sacred rituals of sacrifice of fasting, praying, ceremonially dancing together, to keep our spirits forever strong to face our life challenges. Our Eagle relatives teach us to ask for their help in seeking a vision of strength and fortitude for our personal healing and especially for all of creation.  Eagle feathers and fans heal all wounds.

Kopuwahci Kisuhs (August)

Kopuwahci Kisuhs ktokehkimkun eli ‘pisunuwik kcihq. Sakolikapuwicik ktokehkimkun eli kisapemeq ‘ciw wetawsultiyeq naka kikehtasuwakonol. Masqemus kette kwikutomakun sikitahasuwakonol weci kikehek kmushunon, kcocahqomon naka psiw naskatahasuwakonol. ‘Tanaqsuwok sakolikapuwicik eyihtit kcihqok etolaskuyinaq.

Moon of Falling Leaves teaches us the medicine of our forest. The Standing Ones teach us about interdependence. Our forest provides more than shelter, food, shade and medicinal properties, our forest also provides spiritual healing. Our Birch tree for example requests our burdens in order to heal our heavy hearts, hungry spirits and overburdened minds. Our forests are full of healing guides awaiting our trust in their healing energies.

Mustewi Kisuhs (September)

Mustewi Kisuhs ktokehkimkun eli ‘pisunuwik kotunkahtimok. Kcitposu Mus opocil kmilkunen ‘pomawsuwakon weci wolawsultihtit pomawsuwinuwok. Kmilkunen elihpultuyeq, motekon ‘ciw olnaqsonok naka pukhulakonok. Toqaqi Kisuhs ktokehkimkun weci maqenomeq kikaneyal, ‘pisunol naka piwsoqol. Wolasuweltomuhtine.

Moose Calling Moon teaches us the medicine of Harmony through Hunting. Our Moose is so sacred in giving so generously their life in order for our survival.  Moose provides not only sustenance but also provides our traditional clothing, moccasins and sacred drums.  Autumn Moon teaches us to gather our seasonal food, medicines and firewood.  Gratitude is our gift to Autumn Moon.

Wihkewi Kisuhs (October)

Wihkewi Kisuhs ktokehkimkun eli pisunuwik putuwosuwakonol, sqotewapsqol, nutalsuwikuwamol, naka psiw oltahkewakonol. Kcipotol wiwonewestuhtimok opocil ktokehkimkun weci sankewi tpostomuhtiyeq naka kmawi kiluwahtunen wolamsotuwakonol. ‘Pisunuwiw Polam naka Kilhus opocil  kwicuhkemkun mihqitahatomeq wetapeksultiyeq naka askomiw tehc kisi apatasipon eyik kolusuwakon.

Salmon Spawning Moon teaches us the medicine of sacred places, council fires, sacred sweat lodge stones, sweat lodges and all our ceremonies. Talking circles are healing and teach us to respectfully listen to each others ideas without prejudice as we seek shared truth.  Our Salmon and Muskrat Clans are desired medicines of this moon as they remind us the gift of our identity and will keep the doors to our sacred lodges forever open.

Keltonuhket Kisuhs (November)

Keltonuhket Kisuhs ktokehkimkun eli pisunuwik ktulsonawtimol.  ‘Kinsuhsok knokotomakunen wetaptasihtit weci nuhsukomeq kcicihtuwakonuwal. Keltonuhket Kisuhs ktokehkimkun weci kiluwahtuweq ktulsonuwakonon lamiw kmushunon, kcocahqomon naka ktopitahasuwakonon.  Knutuwan tan ci psiw keq mace kelotok kucomok, sipol, kcihq naka kuspemol.  Akomok nitawi nuhsuhkmuniya

‘kinsuhsuweyal wetaptasihtit.

Freezing Moon teaches us the medicine of inner strength. Our ancestors left behind their healing tracks of wisdom for us to follow within our own DNA. Freezing Moon teaches us to look within our own hearts, spirits and minds to seek their strength.  We hear our ancestors when our Earth Mother begins to freeze her rivers, forests and lakes.  Snowshoes remember the path of our ancestors.

Sankewi Kisuhs (13th Moon Drum)

Sankewi Kisuhs ktokehkimkun eli ‘pisunuwik uhkomi kehkituwakonol. Ehtahsi tpuhk, ktopinakun uhkomok. Ktokehkimkun weci wolankeyutomeq psiw kpomawsuwakonon ‘cimaciw nemihqosimok tokiw wesuwapasultimok spomkik. Mesq wen nomihqosit, knutmuwan nikanapasihtit uhkomok psuhunuwa lamiw ‘kikuwossonok. Nomihqosiyeq, apc knutuwan psiw uhkomi psuhunok tan ci pukhulakonok nutuweq. Psiw ote uhkomi pukhulakonok ‘pisunuwiwok.

Thirteenth Moon teaches us the medicine of grandmother teachings. Every night, our grandmother moon watches over us. They teach us to take care of our lives, during our earth walk and when we return to our spirit walk. Before our birth, we hear the echo of our grandmothers who went before us within the wombs of our mothers. At Birth, we hear the echoes of our grandmothers again whenever we sound our sacred drums. All Grandmother Drums are our medicine.

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